About Us

Welcome to The Lee List!   An exclusive, by invitation only community of Entertainment Professionals in the Arts, and their trusted friends and families.

The Lee List is a connected, traceable network, serving Entertainment Professionals in the Arts. Because we are Entertainment Community centric, we understand the unique opportunities our profession presents us on a moment to moment basis- the professional who may be relocating temporarily for a TV Series, a Pilot, a Broadway Show or seeking a subletter when on location, on a tour or on a regional theatre gig. We all know how quickly our lives can change.  Relocating for a job with just 24 hours notice is not unusual and as a member of The Lee List you become part of a community where those unique needs are understood. No one gets us like we do.

In addition to offering a forum for members to find housing and relocation options, The Lee List also offers a marketplace where members can offer or find just about anything: cars, furniture, professional services, equipment, recommendations, events, jobs, networking opportunities and more.

What makes The Lee List unique?

We are a vetted list of like-minded professionals in the arts where, unlike West Side Rentals, Craig’s List, Airbnb, Linked in or even Facebook, each member of The Lee List is vouched for by another member, and all members agree to conduct themselves with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, respect and all around awesomeness. Our members care about each other and know each other because, let’s face it, ours really is a small world - we are 6 degrees of separation show folk! Our members have shared many success stories with us over the years, which confirms just how well connected we are and how much we help one another.

The Lee List has grown to over 13,000 members and counting. Our family tree is reaching ever further with members in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Florida, Colorado, Sacramento, San Francisco, London, Paris, Vancouver, Montreal and Australia.

The Lee List...Serving the Entertainment Community with housing, cars, jobs and other stuff...from Coast to Coast and across the pond.