How Can I Join The Lee List?


Thank you for your interest in The Lee List, we hope we will be able to welcome you. The Lee List is an exclusive, "by invitation only" community of like minded entertainment professionals in the arts and their trusted friends and families.

If you wish to join, you need to be invited by a friend who is already a member and who is willing to vouch for your character. If you have a friend who knows you well and who is a Lee List member (past or present), then please:

  1. Ask them if they would be willing to vouch for you and invite you to join The Lee List. Inviters are accountable for their invitees behavior, so please respect your friend’s decision if they should not feel they know you well enough to invite you.If they agree to do this, then:
  2. Please ask them to log-in to The Lee List & then click on ‘Invite a Friend’.