Membership Agreement

The Lee List Membership Agreement

Last updated: Monday, May 28, 2018

Your use of the The Lee List (aka The Lee List, Inc.) site and service constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Service/Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy.

In a Nutshell:
Here are some of the most important points of which you should please take note. But please read the full Terms of Service/Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy as well.

1. Be a Good Person:
Each member of The Lee List is vouched for by another member, and all members agree to conduct themselves with honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, respect and professionalism - in other words, be nice. Our members care about each other and know each other. Because let’s face it, ours really is a small world. By agreeing to the Terms of Service/Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy  you agree that your participation and any interaction with The Lee List and our members will reflect and uphold these standards (see above). To protect the integrity of the group, you agree to advise The Lee List if you become aware that another Member has not acted accordingly and has contravened our Membership Agreement.

2. Eligibility:
You must be 18 or older to participate in The Lee List.

3. Inviting Friends:
You agree to only invite friends who you know well, whose character you can vouch for without reservation.  So, please, don't invite someone you casually met at a party, or a friend of a friend that you do not know.  Should an issue arise with a Member that you have invited to join, you may be asked to help resolve it.

4. Membership Dues:
Once you join The Lee List, you agree to pay the applicable membership dues as they become due. Your dues will be charged automatically weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly – depending on your selection (from your initial payment date) to the credit card with which you make your initial payment. You may cancel your membership at any time.  You must cancel your membership before the next cycle begins in order to avoid billing of the next cycle's membership fees to your Payment Method.  You may rejoin at any time.

5. Editing content:
We reserve the right to make edits to your posts or other content uploaded to the site to ensure clarity of information and content suitability based on our posting guidelines to ensure correct formatting.

6. Interactions Between Members:
While all members have been invited by another member who has vouched for their character, Members should take the same precautionary steps in dealing with other Members as they would with non-members. Parties to a transaction are solely responsible for all interactions with each other, for arranging for payment and the exchange of the goods, housing or services purchased if applicable, and for the results and performance of any transaction or relationship entered into through The Lee List. In particular when working together in partnership, contracting services, subletting or renting, selling or buying items etc. terms should be agreed in writing, to avoid misunderstandings.

7. Refunds:
We do not offer refunds. If/when a member unsubscribes, their membership will continue until the end of their current payment period. The Lee List reserves the right to disallow any member-generated content. Disallowing a posting or content will not justify a membership dues refund. Refunds will also not be made if a membership is terminated by The Lee List due to a violation of the Membership Agreement. The Lee List reserves the right to terminate membership or deny membership at any time.

8. Please do:

  • As a courtesy, answer ALL e-mails you receive from another member.
  • Invite friends whom you know well and for whose character you can vouch for.
  • Carefully follow our Posting Guidelines.
  • Provide your real full first and last names and other correct personal data.
  • Keep your login password confidential for your own security, but also for the security of fellow members.
  • Review and abide by the full Terms of Service/Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please don’t:

  •  Re-post Member listings anywhere, including for example to other websites, on or off-line message board, blogs etc., unless written permission has been provided by the Member.
  • Use or attempt to use another Member’s account, or create a false identity on The Lee List.
  • Post a listing for a non-member or share your account.

 Thank you for following these guidelines.